Tori Who?

Ambitious. Compassionate. Sensitive. Successful.

Tori Lewis Nicholas is a mother of three boys and one girl. She meets no stranger. The sincerity of who she is as a person literally pulls you in, and makes you want to know this young native of Baton Rouge, LA.

Tori’s professional background is routed in Insurance. She’s been in that field for over 11 years. That background includes but is not limited to life, health, home, and auto insurance. She has a Bachelors of Business/Accounting and a Masters of Business from the University of Phoenix.

She has ventured into new territory as a travel agent. She is the owner of Diamond Vacations. This is especially important to Tori as she feels that every one should be allowed a time to “just breathe”. Being able to provide travel services to others has proven to be a very lucrative and personal fulfillment for her.

Recently, Tori has launched a new movement, “Breathe Out Loud!” This movement will reach and touch those that struggle with anxiety. Conquering this day by day has led Tori on a personal mission to help any and every one she can. Her only wish is that every one will be able to get through life’s tough moments… one breath at a time.