It’s Like Riding A Bike


Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving. Albert Einstein


Have you ever tried riding three bikes all at once? No? Well, I have! Boy, that’s one hard task. I could never really get my body to sit on all three simultaneously and move them all forward. For some odd reason, I could put my body on one, but once I tried to get the other two steady, the original bike would start to shake and would almost throw me flat on my face. At some point, I wanted to just throw all the bikes down and quit cycling. Sounds familiar?
Let’s look closely at this scenario.

Clearly, I can’t ride three bikes simultaneously. Just the thought of it is absurd. However, that’s what my life feels like on some days. Ok, I’ll admit it. That’s how my life looks on most days. My mind goes 100mph and I try to keep up with it, moving from one new task or idea to the next.  I’ve definitely mastered keeping busy. But, how busy should I REALLY keep to remain functional? Yes, I can do multiple things. I’m a mama!!! I was born for this! Lol. However, I wasn’t born to KILL myself, softly. It is time to give ourselves a BREAK! We can absolutely keep moving, but in a healthy way.

It’s no way we can possibly have a functional, healthy life by trying to do it ALL. Let’s try some new ways to ride all three of these bicycles. It CAN happen, one bike at a time.

  1. Seek help with children. Some may say, I don’t have any help. YES YOU DO! How many friends/family do you chat with about life daily? How many do you share your problems with? I’m sure you have at least ONE? Swallow your pride, and ask for help. Ask if they would mind freeing you from one of your bikes for about an hour or two? Let them ride these bikes with you. That’s what friends do! They can babysit for an hour or make a grocery run for you. Hey, you can even ask if they can cook dinner for you one night.
  2. One at a time. Does your mind wander with all kinds of ideas of things that will help you prosper? Yeah. Me too. However, I’m working on EVERY LAST ONE at this very moment. My advice to you? Stop. Pause. Choose one. Work on it. Master it. Move to the next bike. Period.
  3. Slow down. This is self explanatory. SLOW DOWN! Who said you had to get it all done today? Give yourself a break!!! 7 days in a week, 24 hours in a day. If it can’t fit, maybe you need to reevaluate all those bikes and make a few adjustments.

I’m not asking you to quit. We definitely need to keep moving. We just have to take care of our mental well being first.

What have you done to ride all the bikes in your life? Please share. I would love to know how you JUST BREATHE through your daily life.

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