The Point of It All

It’s no secret that I’m married. I actually married the same guy twice! Yep. I said, “I do” to the EXACT SAME PERSON twice, and I don’t regret it. Life has its way of making us appreciate the good and the bad. I don’t regret marrying my first husband…again. I’ve lived, I’ve learned, and I have no regrets. For that, I’m grateful.

Since I am so grateful, you’re probably wondering why I have had to breathe so much lately. Don’t worry. I’m about to put an end to your wondering.

Recently, I received a phone call. The person on the other line asked if I started my blog to take a “shot” at my husband. The short answer is no. However, that question made my anxiety kick in times 1000! It almost discouraged me from continuing on my journey. I made a decision that the blog was COMING DOWN! I didn’t want anyone looking at me crazy, judging me, making assumptions about me, or waiting for the “tell all” post. It wasn’t long before I had a wake up call. I had to remind MYSELF of what caused me to start this movement. I had to remind myself what caused me to BREATHE, and to breathe OUT LOUD. There was no way I could allow myself NOT to continue.

YES. Relationships/marriages have their ups and downs. Oftentimes, we trap our true feelings deep inside with the fear of hurting someone else. This causes issues that eventually grow beyond our control. It can even cause one to harm themselves in hopes of being completely removed from the situation. THAT is exactly what caused me to tell my story, to bring you on my journey of healing, hope, and my RESTORATION!

It is my sincere prayer that as I share my journey with you, that you know this blog is for YOU as well as myself. This blog is bringing you with me as I tackle my day to day issues and learn to deal with them. Is my husband a part of this journey? Of course. Are my children a part of this journey? Most definitely. Is my hair a part of this journey? Yep. Lol. They are all a part of me. All of it/them has caused me to BREATHE, OUT LOUD!

Continue to follow me as I bring you into my life, one week at a time. Follow me as I share how I conquer my days. Follow me, and we can heal and grow together. I’d love for us all to learn how to JUST BREATHE 🙂

2 Replies to “The Point of It All”

  1. Don’t allow another person’s voice or thoughts to be louder than yours. Don’t allow negative insight of others to discourage you from your true intentions. Most people tend to have the negative Perception as opposed to the positivity, wisdom, and courage in your post. These same post are touching others and helping them to deal with their own situations. Trust me, you are not and will never be the only one. This is your testimony. This is your opportunity to #BreatheOutLoud. Do not allow the assumptions of others overshadow what GOD has placed in your heart to do!!


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