Starvin’ Like Marvin 

Why are kids more hungry in the summer?As a mother of four, ranging from one to fifteen years old, the end of the school year is not my favorite. I know you may think that sounds a little crazy. However, I literally stress over how in the heck I will adjust my budget to fit the 23 meals my kids will eat per day (slight exaggeration on my part but you get the picture). I have to budget for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and more snacks.  I know for a fact they don’t eat this much at school. Well, maybe they would if the school had an open kitchen. I’m really not sure. But one thing I am sure about is that I refuse to allow this to stress me THIS YEAR! I am serious about getting this under control. I’m taking ACTION, and I’m taking action NOW! I am taking back my kitchen this summer. I have listed some ideas below that may help me out. Feel free to use the list for your house as well.

  • Plan weekly on a large, visible whiteboard so the kids can see EXACTLY what’s available for each meal.
  • Add a schedule for the kids to follow for each meal and snack. Let’s treat this like school!
  • Prep each night to avoid the infamous fast food stop the next day.
  • Put a “kitchen closed” sign up after the last meal/snack can be eaten.
  • If all rules work, plan a “kids choose” night a couple of times each month for following the summer rules.

What have you planned to attack the summer blues? Please share.

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