Ain’t No Need To Worry

“Worry is like a rocking chair: it gives you something to do but never gets you anywhere” – Erma Bombeck

Growing up, I enjoyed staying by my aunt’s house on weekends and over the summer. She’s my mom’s eldest sister, 20 years older to be exact. So, she was always like a grandma instead of an aunt. She cooked good old soul food, allowed us to have talent shows while she sat “in the audience,” and let us play in her straw rocking chair. You know those high back, wooden trimmed, straw rocking chairs? Yep.  That’s the chair!

Oftentimes, we shared that old rocking chair…rocking back and forth…in that same little corner. Every time we visited my aunt’s house, that old rocking chair was sitting in the same spot waiting for us to just…ROCK.

Lately, I’ve been feeling like that little girl, rocking in the same old chair, going absolutely nowhere. As we know from previous posts, I’m an excessive worrier, and I’m trying to find ways to cope with the things that worry me. I’ve identified those things that worry me most and replaced them with things I enjoy. While attacking my worry, I release small breaths in honor of getting over one worry jump. However, I created a new problem: MORE WORRY. 

I’ve become so obsessed with not worrying that I now worry about worrying. Does that makes any sense to you? I’m sitting in that same old chair and not getting anywhere…rocking back and forth.

Moving forward, I will begin to attack the worry…ONE BREATH AT A TIME…by following the steps below and hopefully you can do the same. 

Acknowledging my worry 

  • The only way to conquer anything is by acknowledging and confronting it. Masking it, or acting as if it didn’t happen brings more pain than gain.

Keeping a “negative” journal

  • I know it sounds cliche, but get a journal. It doesn’t need a fancy cover or fancy pages, just get a notebook! Write down your NEGATIVE thoughts. Remove the thought from your head and dump it on paper. If you don’t have a journal, use a notepad, sticky notes, etc. The whole idea is to stop the cycle. The more you dump it somewhere else, the more you give away the energy of continuing the worry.

Keeping a “positive” journal 

  • What’s a journal if you can’t have a nicely decorated one full of affirmations and love?? Make this journal BEAUTIFUL!! Include all your positive thoughts and feelings here. Write for a short period each day, 5-10 minutes, about every good thing in your life. Your family, your home, or even the ability to walk into a job. Reflect back on these thoughts weekly to redirect your thinking.

Remember, the battle is in our minds. Why mask the bigger problem by creating more problems? Do what you love. Place your focus on more positive things. But, while doing so, accept, reflect, and remove the negativity from your life so you can…JUST BREATHE!

What have you done lately to conquer the negative thoughts and feelings? I would love to know. Leave a comment below and share. 

One Reply to “Ain’t No Need To Worry”

  1. Wow!!! Great article…we don’t think about something a simple as a rocking chair and compare it to life. This opened my eyes to a different way of thinking

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