Purposefully Yours <3

I’ve found myself more stressed trying to change the situation than allowing the situation to change me.

Each passing day, I find myself stuck in the same place. I’m constantly trying to find ways to manipulate the things going on around me so that it fits into my fantasy world. I’ve lost days, weeks, months and even YEARS trying to understand MY SITUATION. Until one day it dawned on me: it’s not for me to UNDERSTAND. God has trusted me to sit in my pain long enough to have reached this place. My place of PURPOSE.

You see, I get pure pleasure in helping others at any and everything. People are constantly asking for my advice, knowledge or words of wisdom. I light up on the inside when a text comes through saying, “I need your help with something” or “Do you know where I can find…”.

THAT  gives me pure joy.

NOW, I understand the situations I’ve tried to change for so long were preparing me, molding me and equipping me to handle the more difficult questions…questions like “Are all of those kids yours?” “Did your husband cheat on you?” “What made you have another baby after 11 years?” Then, there’s times I don’t receive questions, I receive compliments… “You’re so strong.” “I wish I were like you.” “God is truly going to bless you.”

I’ve become overwhelmed, yet overjoyed in this place. See, I wasn’t prepared for any of the difficult questions. Honestly, I was trying to figure them all out myself. I had been holding my breath trying to change my situation instead of using it to change me, prepare me…prepare me for my PURPOSE…to help people like you. I hadn’t realized that my pain was REALLY making me the strong woman many believed I was then. I took my pain and turned it into my purpose. I can breathe now!! My prayer is that you too can look at your situation, pray, ask God what is YOUR PURPOSE, allow HIM to use you so that you too can…JUST BREATHE! 

5 Replies to “Purposefully Yours <3”

  1. I love and commend you for this. Many are afraid of giving their testimony but as you are attempting to do…it will help so many others deal with the same things that we have all encountered at some point. You will always have my support. Love what you’re doing.

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  2. Tori, I seek guidance from God on my purpose very often. I used to “have time” to self reflect but haven’t done so in a while. Thank You for this blog. You have reminded me of what I need to do. I pray God reveals my purpose….and maybe He has. I just need to be “still” enough to BREATHE so that I can HEAR from God.

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