Expiration Date

If only I could release the pain stored deep in my chest, attacking my belly, crippling my thoughts and making it hard to breathe. Just one breath. I only need one, deep breath.

I’ve felt that way on so many occasions that I cannot begin to count. I never knew how to articulate it until recently. It seems as though I am gaining more and more clarity into my very existence. The pressure is slowly being relieved and I am able to exhale more frequently. The same air used to keep me alive had been silently killing me for years because I had not yet learned how to breathe through the tough, overwhelming moments.

Life has definitely taken its toll on ME. Life has taken its toll on my FAMILY. Life has taken on every aspect of my being on this Earth. I’ve questioned myself on several occasions…Why has God chosen me to go on this journey? I finally found the answer. I understand why He’s placed me in such a place that has taken all the breath out of my body. I cannot wait to let you in on this divine revelation. By letting you into my world, it is my hope that others who deal with the many happenings of life will be inspired to breathe the breath of life, and LIVE! My expiration date is here. Expire means “emission of air from lungs”, or to breathe out. Thank God I am breathing out now… and I’m going to “BREATHE OUT LOUD” for all of the world to hear. Follow me on this journey as I release small breaths, one at a time. Slowly. I’m finally learning to…JUST BREATHE!

One Reply to “Expiration Date”

  1. I think that this a great testimony God has allow you to breathe and now. You’re are revealing the why?? You had to go through all this because you just bless me and going to touch many hearts with your book. Keep the Faith and know God has a great purpose for your life love. Thanks for doing your blogs😘

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